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Happy New Year!

Happy new years people! May this year be filled with opportunities you couldn’t get last year. I pray it’s the year your favour multiples in the sight of God and men, that things may prosper for you better than last year.

But let’s just reflect on the year real quick. It’s been an interesting year. From the death of queen Elizabeth after 80 strong years to the losing of England at the World Cup. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions for England as well as the rest of the world. However it lighter news, Christianity is increasing by 1.18% every year, internet searches show that Christianity has a higher growth rate than atheism. And that’s something to be joyful about. Angels sing and dance when another soul is saved, salvation is such an interesting and special thing to them.

Myself, I graduated from university, got a job, travelled to almost 5 counties this year and most important started dipping my foot into the things God has called me to. Fulfilling the prophecy’s that have been spoken over my life since 2020. Stepping out in faith and doing that which God has set on my life. Exercising the gifts God have given me. It can be overwhelming and self doubt comes a lot because I look at my flesh and I’m like how… me? There are others that look more qualified than I. But God doesn’t make any mistakes, He intentionally calls the unqualified and qualifies then Himself. He set His grace upon you so that when you fully start operating in what God has called you to, it is now evident to people big and small that is can only be God that could’ve exalted this person to the level they are at.

2022 may have filled with battles and challenges but you can’t get wine without pressing grapes or diamonds without any hard pressing. These challenges are a sign that you are alive and going on the right path because the devil won’t let you have it all easy. People say God gives battles to the most strongest soldiers but don’t you ever just think “strong where?”. Some of you may have had a year like Job. Stripped of everything you have, your happiness doesn’t stay long, finances gone, family losses, you name it but it was because you are upright, fear God and shun evil like Job was.

I pray your 2023 is filled with the joy of the Lord, blessings in abundance, peace that supposed all understanding; that even when that pruning or pressing season comes, you are able to endure it because you know God is still in the midst of that storm. Sometimes we panic because we forget that God is with us always. In a situation where the Lord is not present, whether that situation seems beautiful or what… you should fear because your only deliver and sustainer isn’t present so who shall save you.

As long as my God is with me wherever and whenever, I shall rejoice in every storm, every reward and any opportunity because my father is with me and I with Him.

I pray this same mind be in you.

Many blessings, D x

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